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Coach GerryD's No Fee TYRO (Beginners) a Small Home Fencing Practice Salle d' Armaes.

Jan. 01, 2015

TYRO (Beginners)


Fencing Practice 

 Only one more student can be scheduled for no fee Fencing Practice at this time.

 Coach GerryD’s

“ No Fee TYOR (Beginners) Fencing Practice”

is not a fencing club, it is a venue and resource, for the practice of sport fencing.




 Get a FREE  Practice and Orientation with coach GerryD about what your options are for Sport Fencing in the Tampa Bay area.

After the Introductory Orientation there is only a $5.00 enrolment required for US Fencers’ insurance: to schedule additional Fencing Practice with Coach GerryD.

I will endeavor to teach you, as much as I can in the time you allot me. 


  Children ages 12+ and



It takes passion, dedication and the organization of time to do the Fencing Practice. 

Aggression may not win the game; assertiveness founded on knowledge and practice will.


 There are NO FEES there is only PRACTICE; email or Call. 

Coach GerryD's "Fencing Practice".



CoachGerryD@Gmail.com       813.767.1722

For ON FEE Fencing Pracice Location Map,

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 Only one more student can be scheduled for no fee Fencing Practice at this time.



Hanah age 14, practise's with Coach GerryD and also participate in the competitive fencing practice at Tampa Fencing Academy twice a week.

 Michael at age 57 is my new Tyro student (beginner), practicing with me twice a week. He is intrigued with the complexity and challenges in the practice of the holistic sport of fencing.
Dr. Michael A. Bortner is also a student and scholar of Japanese history and culture and is an author of a book about Imperial Japanese good luck flags and stitch belts used by the Japanese warriors in World War II. For information about Michael’s book go to: http://www.gethistorytoday.com/index.html
 Gary at age 71, practices fencing with me every Wednesday. After witch we have espressos and tell each other war stories. 
Gary his daughter Elisabeth and I
Nowa age 13, started his Fencing Practice on Halloween 2014 and within a month became a member of Tampa Fencing Academy. At present he is training at both the Practice and the Academy.
Nowa his Mom and I


 More about the FENCING PRACTICE

 There is a changing room and lavatory for your convenience at the Coach GerryD's Fencing Practice.  

There is a $5.00 enrolment required to start your Sport fencing practice with Coach GerryD; for US Fencers’ insurance.

I am homecaring my wife Roselyn 24-7, so I'm no-logger teaching at fencing clubs in the Tampa bay area. I give fencing practice to new and experienced fencing students interested in skill training. I also develop video tutorials that are published on my YouTube channel and on this website.

The Fencing Practice, is away from the distracting activities you’ll find at fencing clubs. The practice focuses on clear explanation of the: skills, technique and tactics you’ll need to succeed in your competitive play and training at a fencing club like Tampa Fencing Academy. This training is a sound preparation and/or introduction to this Martial sport, for new and experienced practitioner’s; Adults Sport/Fitness and children ages 12+.
  Available for Practice by appointment: Week Days and Saturdays & Sundays. 

  You can see "Fencing Practice" Video Tutorials at:

  http://www.youtube.com/CoachGerryDuran ,

  or by searching YouTube for Coach GerryD".



About Coach GerryD, By WMD 

Coaching recreational sport fencing has been part of Coach Gerardo Duran's life since 1987. In that year he attended fencing coach's Foil and Sabre seminar in Orlando FL. From that day on, he knew that “he was a Fencing Coach". All that he needed was the Fencing Coaching skills. To start his new career, he attended in 1991 and 1992 the United States Fencing Association's (USFA) Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center (OTC), Colorado Springs, founded “Tampa's Fencing Academy” Tampa Florida, and became a lifetime member of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association. Ten years later at age 62 it was time to retire from his day job to dedicate 25 hours a week in teaching and coaching sport fencing at the Academy and local private schooled. Coach GerryD revisited the Coaches College in 2005 for 3 weeks of coaches training (EPEE, FOIL, SABRE) and was privileged to attended a seven day seminar “Sport Fencing- The Unity of Theory and Practice”, with renowned Polish Fencing Master and Coach Professor Zhigniew Czajkowski. "There is always something more to learn in this sport: better techniques, tactics, and pedagogy. Now that the USA has earned their first gold fencing metals at the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics, more people are attracted to fencing as a recreational sport. Everyone can succeed in the sport of fencing. All that's needed is love for the game".


From 2006 to 2012 Coach GerryD was privileged to work with Berkeley Preparatory Schools faculty  and students on the schools OLYMPIC Fencing Summer Physical Education credit class". The PE Credit Course is no logger offered in BERKELEY'S Summer Programs.




Coach GerryD's No Fee TYRO (Beginners) a Small Home Fencing Practice Salle d' Armaes.
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